Salary Survey 2021 Results

The results of the 2021 Salary Survey are in and available for you to use.

The goal of the salary survey is to serve as a starting point for congregational conversations about budget, salary and compensation. Facts are our friends, and being able to look at data as it relates to the size of your congregation, region of the country, worship attendance, roster status, education level and more will hopefully be a helpful tool.

It is important to note that the Salary Survey are not guidelines. Rather, they are a snapshot of current compensation levels. You will likely discover, in fact, that some of the results actually fall below local synod guidelines.

In past years, the results of the salary survey have been made available to members of the ELCA Youth Ministry Network. It was a benefit of membership and an incentive to join. In 2021, we decided to open up the results and make them available to whoever needed them. Coming together through the COVID Pandemic, we realize that this information may be very helpful for anyone, regardless of whether they are a member of the Network or not.

Thank you to all who are members of the ELCA Youth Ministry Network. It is because of your membership that we are able to provide resources to support the ministry of those who work in congregational faith formation. Thank you for your faithful support!

So we encourage you to make use of this information and use it to inform your conversations.

Access the 2021 Salary Survey Results here.

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