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Cancer Theology

I didn’t want to read this book.  Really, I didn’t. I know both Jake and Erik.  Not nearly as well as I would like to, but well enough that I knew I’d buy a copy of this book as soon as I’d heard about it, just because I wanted to support them. But read it? ...


The Tom Hunstad Award Presented to Lisa Jeffreys!

Text from Rev. Larry Wagner’s presentation: While tonight’s announcement regarding the recipient of the 2013 Tommy Award won’t be covered by any of the major networks, and it won’t likely be printed in the morning edition of the LA Times, it matters deeply to those of us who are gathered in this ballroom tonight.  One ...


First Visions

As I have mentioned, the Network is working on a new strategic planning process.  I hope to be able to write about some of that later next week.  I’m really excited about the stuff that the Board is working on! In the process of this, Larry Wagner, our board chairperson and I were talking about ...