Where We Are At

A couple of days ago, I came across a social media post by Rev. Beth Wartick, of Resurrection Lutheran Church in Ankeny, Iowa. I read it, and then read it again. And I realized that it is a really good description of the journey that we have been on. I could see myself within it. It is also a good Word of hope that I needed to hear.

With Pastor Beth’s gracious permission, I’m sharing her post with you here:

One of the most important things I know about community trauma in the face of big crisis is that recovery is really hard. Right after trauma, there’s a beautiful, enjoyable period of joy and camaraderie and mutual support. People put paper hearts in their windows and clapped for nurses last April, remember?

And then there is always, always, always a chasm. There is a slide down into anxiety, anger, blame, sorrow, fear, judgement, and denial. The crisis isn’t over yet, or even if it is, the community hasn’t dealt with its aftermath. People begin to realize just how awful the crisis was. It sucks.

That’s where we are right now, in this pandemic. Oh, sure, all of us are on slightly different parts of the jagged uphill climb, but none of us are done yet. There’s still a journey ahead for us.

And? We’re all tired. Making decisions is hard. Changing circumstances calling for protocol shifts is hard. Remembering that the people who chose differently are doing the best they can with that they have is hard. Trusting God when things look bleak is hard. It’s all hard. It’s not just you who feels that way.

In any community crisis, including this pandemic, the only way out is through. Through grief and fear and hard choices to building something better together. It’s an uphill climb, but we’re never alone.

by Rev. Beth Wartick
Resurrection Lutheran Church
Ankeny, Iowa

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