2018 Salary Survey Results Released

The Network is releasing the results of the 2018 Salary Survey.  415 people professionals and volunteers took the survey over 30 days from mid August to September.

Overall, salaries have increased since the last time a full-survey was completed in 2015.  Full time professionals who are not on the ELCA rosters saw their salaries increase approximately 9% over 3 years.

Salary increases were much larger for rostered congregational staff members however.  Prior to the ELCA”s unification of Associates in Ministry, Diaconal Minister and Deaconesses into one roster, their average annual salary in 2015 was $35,638.  In 2018, those who are now rostered as Deacons have an average salary of $44,488, an increase of approximately 24%.

Likewise, clergy experienced raises over the same 3-year period of approximately 20%.

The gender gap remains in the world of children, youth and family ministry in all three categories (non-rostered, deacons and clergy) with the largest salary gap being in the non-rostered category, with women earning approximately $5,500 less than their male counterparts.

The Network’s salary survey also breaks salary and benefits down by years of experience, size of congregations, average worship attendance, gender and region.  It also examines benefits, vacation time, continuing education, mileage reimbursement and sabbatical policies.

It is important to note that these salary survey results are not any kind of guidelines.  Rather, they are a snapshot, taken over a limited period of time with a limited audience, that is designed to give an overview of what compensation looks like from a number of different perspectives.  Our goal is that this information is helpful as individuals and congregations enter into budget and salary conversations.

Network members can access the salary survey data by going to the Salary Survey home page.  Membership log in will be required to access the data.

Individuals are asked to not distribute this information publicly.  Individuals, organizations and publications are free to quote portions of the information with the credit line: “From the ELCA Youth Ministry Network salary survey.  Copyright 2018.  More information can be found at elcaymnet.org.”

  1. Is it possible to share how many congregations this represents and also see a break down of volunteers by gender? Thanks


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