Disrupted Through Education

The vision of the Network is to see a future where children, youth and family ministry in the ELCA flourishes and becomes ever stronger through Renewal, Education, and Connection.

Education happens as each of us are pushed to think beyond the way we currently do things to see how we might do things. The kinds of ministry that we are engaged in are highly contextual, so what works for one leader in one ministry is unlikely to work for you in your ministry, without some adaptation. It is always good to be stretched, both as we consider how we do things and as we consider why we do things.

The Network has hosted Third Tuesday Conversations (3TC) since March of 2010 as one way of living out this vision of education. Last month, 3TC shifted from a webinar format to a podcast format and is now available to everyone via the 3TC webpage  or your favorite podcast app. The new episodes, as well as the archive of previous content, are great ways to learn about a wide variety of children’s, youth, and family ministry topics.

The Network’s Facebook Group is also filled with people asking, and answering, practical questions about day-to-day ministry. It’s a great resource when you need a new game, to remember the rules to an old game, or to find out more information about how to run a certain fundraiser.

The Network Extravaganza always brings together people in all sorts of contexts doing all sorts of children’s, youth, and family ministry. From experts to newbies, we draw upon the collective wisdom of the entire network to be challenged, educated, and inspired.

The planning team is excited to announce that one of the main stage speakers at Extravaganza 2019 is going to be Dr. Dawn Rundman. She is a nationally recognized teacher, presenter, author, and resource provider specializing in children’s faith development. She received her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from the University of Oregon. Since 2002 she’s developed faith formation resources at Sparkhouse and Augsburg Fortress, two publishing units of 1517 Media.

Today, October 2nd, is the release date for Dawn’s newest book, Little Steps, Big Faith. In it she explores how the science of early childhood development can help each of us who are in ministry grow faith in our children. It’s available now from Augsburg Fortress and Amazon.

In addition to hearing from Dawn, and a comprehensive set of Workshops, there will be three Intensive Care Courses the two days before Extravaganza 2019 that provide the opportunity to delve deeply into a topic. These sessions give participants the go deeper on a single subject with an expert teacher for only $160 in addition to the Extravaganza registration.


  • Holy Disruption: What it Means to be an Outlaw Christian with Dr. Jacqueline Bussie. In this course, Jacqueline will encourage participants to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and to courageously share their ‘scars’ with one another. More
  • Faith Formation in Religious Diversity: Difference, Questions, and Personal Experience with Dr. Colleen Windham-Hughes. The most valuable thing you can give to someone with a question is not an answer; it’s their own question back, clarified through your listening. More >
  • Faithful Metrics with L.E.A.D. – Living Every Day as Disciples, Peggy Hahn, Executive Director and David Hansen, Director of Communication and Innovation. Are you a busy leader who knows there’s more to ministry than just numbers and money? Are those metrics actually keeping you from doing what you know matters most? More


Register for Extravaganza 2019 now at the Early Bird rate of $280 to hear Dawn, participate in the ICCs, and be a part of the best continuing education experience in the ELCA! Prices go up after October 15, 2018.



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