3rd Tuesday Conversation Relaunches as a Podcast

Next week, 3rd Tuesday Conversation is rebooting and relaunching as a podcast.

Every month since March of 2010, the Network has produced 3rd Tuesday Conversation.  After the first 3 or 4 months, where we literally recorded a conference call (like…on the phone…) we transitioned to online webinars.  68 episodes later, experts in the field, teachers and leaders within the church have been interviewed as 3TC has explored lots of different issues around children, youth and family ministry.

Over time, it became more and more difficult to schedule guests during a specific, 30 minute time slot because of their schedules.  We also found that as people have become more mobile, our members were less likely to watch a webinar.  At the same time, podcasts have exploded in popularity.

So beginning next week, 3rd Tuesday Conversation (3TC) will relaunch as a monthly podcast.

  • Every month (still on the 3rd Tuesday of the month) we will release a new podcast.
  • Rather than being hosted by Dannica and functioning in an interview format, now the 3TC team of Dannica Olsen, Adam Butler and Elizabeth Pedersen will co-host the new show.  Some months the podcast will consist of them discussing a ministry issue, other months it may be an interview with someone that we want to hear from.
  • 3TC used to be available exclusively to members of the Network.  We’ve decided to open that up.  Beginning next week, 3rd Tuesday Conversation will be available to anyone who would like to download it.  Beginning today, the archive of all past 3rd Tuesday Conversation webinars is open and available to anyone.
  • We have now created an episode page for each upcoming episode that includes links and follow up information based on what was discussed.  These pages will become live as each episode is released.

We have re-done the 3TC web pages, and have added a suggestion form.  If there is a topic you’d love to see discussed, or an individual you’d like to see interviewed, we encourage your to fill out the form and submit it.  We would love to incorporate your input.

This Tuesday, September 18th, we’ll be releasing the first episode of the new 3TC podcast, and an extra bonus episode, just to get the creative juices flowing.  Subscribe to the podcast from wherever you download your podcasts.

We’ll see you on Tuesday!

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