Stephanie Joy Coltvet Erdmann

I just don’t have words today.

Stephanie Joy Coltvet Erdmann died last night from complications following heart surgery.

  • Stephanie loved her husband Paul completely
  • Stephanie was completely dedicated to her 3 beautiful children
  • Stephanie was an amazing and gifted pastor
  • Stephanie cared about all people, and had a special heart for those who were disenfranchised
  • Stephanie was a good friend
  • Stephanie has been, for years, a member of the Extravaganza planning team

Stephanie is a child of God.

Please pray for her family, her friends, and for the incredible community at Edina Community Lutheran Church, where she served.

We will let you know the funeral plans and arrangements as they are determined.

Thanks be to God for Stephanie.


  1. I join you in struggling to find words at a time like this. This is such a huge loss. ..and incredibly sad. We know the hope. ..but Stephanie was an incredible wife, mother, pastor and friend. She will be missed by so many.
    I always lit up when we crossed paths. Loved her smile, her love for family and ministry. I am brokenhearted this morning.
    My prayers go out to Paul and her family. May God give them an extra measure of peace and strength.


  2. So sorry to hear this news. Her years serving here in the Northwest are remembered for their compassion, energy, wisdom and joy, all rooted in her deep and abiding faith! We now pray for her family and congregation as they mourn and ask God to embrace them with resurrection hope and peace.


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