Leadership: Seeking Nominations for the Network Board

(Please click here to get more detailed information on the nomination process and/or to make a nomination)

The longer that I work in congregational ministry, the more I believe that leadership is one of our critical issues.  Identifying, raising up and supporting leaders in our congregations is essential to developing healthy cultures and growing congregations.  (for more on some of the best new work on congregational leadership, I suggest you take a look at the LEAD Initiative, coming out of the Texas-Louisiana-Gulf Coast Synod…but I digress…)

The same is true for organizations that surround and support congregations, and the same is certainly true for the ELCA Youth Ministry Network.

The Network is led by a group of seven gifted and dedicated leaders, who form our governing board.  Their primary responsibility is maintaining the mission and vision of the Network, and ensuring that everything the Network does is in alignment with that vision.  Every year, two or three of our board positions come up for renewal or election.

In 2019, two positions are up for consideration.  Dr. Jeremy Myers, who teaches at Augsburg University, has completed two full terms on the board.  He is not eligible for renewal.  Kinda Makini has completed one 3-year term and could be up for renewal, if she chooses to apply.

So there will be at least one and possibly two new board members when they meet in Jacksonville in February.

I strongly encourage you to consider nominating yourself, or someone you know for one of our open positions.  Part of what keeps the Network fresh is the continuous renewal of our board by bringing in fresh voices and perspectives.

This year, as the board was doing its self-assessment, they identified three priorities in seeking new board members.  First, they would love to see someone on the board who brings some experience and expertise in areas of marketing and communications.  Second, it is a high priority for the board to maintain our ethnic diversity.  And finally, it is important that we maintain our commitment to serving both professionals and volunteers in children, youth and family ministry.

All nominations are considered.  But these represent areas that would meet short to medium-term needs for the Network.

Please consider if God might be calling you or someone you know into this role.  Please give it prayer. And then nominate them.   More information can be found here.

Continued strong leadership will ensure the future of our Network.

God’s blessings!


  1. Thannks great blog post


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