First Visions

As I have mentioned, the Network is working on a new strategic planning process.  I hope to be able to write about some of that later next week.  I’m really excited about the stuff that the Board is working on!

In the process of this, Larry Wagner, our board chairperson and I were talking about the growth trajectory of the Network, and the different “phases” that have existed in the life of this organization.

I mentioned that we had a video of Tom Hunstad talking about some of the early visions for the Network.  A couple of years ago, we loaded that video onto the Network’s YouTube channel, for ‘safe keeping.’  Our conversations in Denver last week about vision caused me to go back and watch the video.  It’s really kind of fun for someone who has been a part of the timeline to watch it and realize what is the same, and what has changed.

I thought it was appropriate to post it here.  If you’re interested, watch it.  And then pay attention to our new strategic plan as we start releasing parts of it next week.

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