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New Network Strategic Plan

Dear friends, The Network’s new 3-year strategic plan is going to strengthen our organization, deepen our ministry and broaden our reach.  The Network Board of Directors recently concluded our annual fall meeting, and one of our tasks (among many) was to complete the draft of the plan. Our task between now and the Extravaganza is ...


Regional Facilitators – Looking for Nominations!

A Network is only as good as its communication links.  We put a lot of our time and energy into our web-based stuff.  So we’ve got an active web site, a very active Facebook page, an e-mail newsletter, etc…etc…etc… While these ways of linking people together are important, they can’t (and shouldn’t) replace the human ...


TEDTalk: “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”

A brilliant TED Talk that is too good not to share.  My killer line: “There are leaders and there are those who lead.  Leaders are persons of authority.  Those who lead are persons of passion.” Worth watching.  Interesting implications for our ministry.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on this below… Thanks to ...