Regional Facilitators – Looking for Nominations!

A Network is only as good as its communication links.  We put a lot of our time and energy into our web-based stuff.  So we’ve got an

The RF’s Meet a couple of years ago

active web site, a very active Facebook page, an e-mail newsletter, etc…etc…etc…

While these ways of linking people together are important, they can’t (and shouldn’t) replace the human component.

Welcome to the Regional Facilitators.

Each ELCA region (there are 9 of them) has a regional facilitator assigned to it.  Facilitators are elected by members of the region when they gather at the Extravaganza.

The Regional Facilitators (we like to call them RF’s for short) have a simple set of tasks:

  • Communicate to their regions, things that are going on in the life of the Network
  • Communicate back to the Network’s board and staff, what they’re hearing from their regions that we need to pay attention to
  • Help facilitate and communicate regional networking

Our RF’s work hard.  They are the ‘local expert’ in their region.  They become troubleshooters, communicators and leaders within their region.  They work to get to know the synod staff folks.  More information on our RF’s can be found on our RF home page.

The Regional Facilitators also meet twice a year (at the Extravaganza, and again in May) face to face, and have a monthly online meeting to keep in touch and keep their ministry moving.  RF’s terms run 3 years, and they can be renewed once for a total of 6 years.

Every year, there are 3 regions that are up for re-election.

This year, regions that will be electing new Regional Facilitators at the Extravaganza in Anaheim include Region 6 (currently represented by Julie Schussler Peralta);  Region 2 (currently represented by Janet Renick) and Region 8 (currently represnted by Barbara Harner.

Both Julie and Janet would be eligible for renewal for another term.  Barbara has completed 2 terms, and is not eligible to be elected again.

We are grateful to all of our RF’s.  If you are possibly interested in serving as an RF, or if you know someone who would be good, and you’d like to nominate them, please go to our online nomination form and submit the information.



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