What the Gathering’s Cancellation Means

Hello friends,

By now, you have probably seen the notification from the ELCA Youth Gathering, letting the community know that the 2022 Youth Gathering in Minneapolis will not take place.  Instead, the Gathering leadership will pivot and begin working on the 2024 event.  

We want to let you know that the 2022 Extravaganza, scheduled for February 10-15 in Minneapolis, is still “on” and moving forward as planned.  

The Extravaganza is obviously a very different event from the Gathering in size, in audience and in focus.  The E-Team is taking all necessary precautions, exceeding city and state requirements, and we are excited to gather together.

Like many, we are saddened by the Gathering’s cancellation.  We know that prayer, conversation and discernment went into making this difficult decision. While it’s very possible that the COVID pandemic might be better by summer, we just don’t know that now.  And unfortunately, the ELCA was at a point where the decision needed to be made.  

Trust me when I tell you that if there was an alternative way to do the Gathering in 2022, it would have happened. 

And we know that for many of you, this decision will cause challenges.  Your group will likely be disappointed.  Now you’ll need to look at alternative summer plans.  You will need to refund money from registrations…and so on…

Your siblings in the Network hear and understand the challenges you are facing.  Conversations about the Youth Gathering, both in 2022 and 2024, will become a part of the narrative at this year’s Extravaganza.  Gathering leadership will be present to listen and talk about future plans.  I think this year’s Extravaganza is more important than ever.

The ELCA Youth Gathering has a wonderful history, and I firmly believe that it is has an amazing future ahead of it.  Over the years it has changed and evolved into an opportunity for worship, faith formation, service and accompaniment.  We believe that as the Holy Spirit works, the Gathering will continue to evolve.  

At this year’s Extravaganza, we all get the opportunity to be a part of the conversation.

The Intensive Care Course on “How to have a Great Youth Gathering” will be cancelled, along with the Gathering Tours.  If you are registered for one of those events, you will receive a separate e-mail tomorrow with instructions on how to receive refunds for those add-on events.  

Please pray for the church, pray for the Gathering leadership, pray for our congregations and pray for our young people.  

And we’ll see you in Minneapolis.  (If you’re not yet registered for the onsite, or online options, there is still a space for you!)

God’s peace,


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