New COVID Protocols for Extravaganza 2022

Dear Network friends,

The Extravaganza planning team has updated our COVID protocols for our gathering next month at the Hilton in Minneapolis.  

We are committed to an event that fulfills our mission and our goals:  Powerful spiritual renewal, quality continuing education and great networking.  At the same time, we are committed to an event that keeps participants safe and healthy.

We believe that we can do both.

COVID isn’t going to go away anytime soon.  And while we cannot eliminate risk, we will do our very best to reduce and manage risk.  We believe that these protocols will help us to do that:  

  1. All vaccinated participants will be asked to provide proof of vaccination (either showing an actual vaccine card or a photo/image of your card) at the time of event check in.  
  2. Those who are not vaccinated are asked to take a rapid COVID test no more than 24 hours prior to departure for the Extravaganza.  If the test result is positive, for your safety and the safety of others, please do not travel to the event.  Please bring your proof of a negative test result with you to show at the check in table.
  3. If, at check in, individuals are unable to provide proof of vaccination or a negative test, they will be asked to receive a rapid test before they can be “checked in.”  Please bring the test results, or a photo of the test results to the registration table at check in.  A list of testing locations will be provided at the registration table and on the Network app.  
  4. Once checked in, individuals will be given a wristband to wear for the duration of the event.  This wristband indicates that the wearer is cleared to participate.  This wristband will serve both as proof of vaccination/testing status and proof of registration.  They will be required to show their wristband when entering ballroom and event spaces.  

    In addition, an individual can choose to put a red, yellow, or green colored dot on their name badge.  This dot indicates their comfort level of physical interaction.  (Red = no physical contact; Yellow = limited physical contact; Green = OK with physical contact.)
  5. If a person tests positive for COVID before or during the event, or if they begin to exhibit COVID symptoms, even if vaccinated, we ask that the individual isolate in their hotel room until they depart, or until they receive a negative COVID test.  Please note that the Network is unable to give registration refunds based on COVID symptoms or a positive COVID test.  
  6. The Network will require participants to wear facemasks when in public spaces during the event.  We ask that all participants wear either N95 (US Standard) or compatible, such as the KN95 mask (without venting holes) for maximum safety.  (For a complete list of compatible masks, see the lists on the CDC website.). If you do not have one of these masks, they are available at the registration or hospitality desks for $1.  
  7. Public speakers and musicians are not required to wear masks while they are speaking or singing.  Adequate space will be given between them and the audience to provide for safety.  

The Extravaganza team will continue to pay close attention to conditions. If changes in our protocols are warranted, we will update this plan.

In 2021, together as a community, we had to learn a whole new way of doing the Extravaganza as an online event.  This year, we again must learn a new way of doing this event.  We will have a vibrant online event, and at the same time, we will have a dynamic in-person event.  And while we can never eliminate risk, together we can make Extravaganza 2022 as safe, as healthy, and as meaningful as possible.  

Thank you for your partnership in this!

In Christ, 


  1. Thank you for being on top of this!


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