Maximizing Your Extravaganza and Network Value

We know that there is a commitment to being a part of the ELCA Youth Ministry Network, and an even bigger commitment when one comes to the Extravaganza.  They both take time, and financial resources.

And we know that when you talk to your supervisor, or your church council, or whoever approves spending, and you say “I would really like to go to this conference,” one of the first things they look at (understandably) is the price tag.

The Network Board and all of the various teams work hard to make sure that the Network and Extravaganza are well-worth the resources that you put into them.  But this year, there is also a way to increase value…for you to be able to say to your supervisor or council “this isn’t just a membership…or an event.  We are committing to a full-year of professional and personal development.  And there is no additional cost!”

We invite you to join one of the Network’s “Discipling Cohorts.” 

Discipling_Cohorts_Inititiative_Logo_Horizontal_COLORThe cohorts are small groups that work throughout the year, meeting online or face-to-face, and walk together through a fantastic curriculum that our planning team has created.  And each cohort will be led by a trained and experienced peer coach.

As each cohort meets, roughly monthly throughout the year, we will work together to grow and deepen spiritually and vocationally.  Together we will talk about our lives, our ministries, our joys and our frustrations.  We’ll talk about best practices and we will learn together, in the process building a group of friends that hopefully will continue to provide ministry support for years to come.

And Discipling Cohort groups are provided at no cost, because of a generous grant from the ELCA’s Synodical and Congregational Mission Unit.

Maximize your value.  Get the most “bang for your buck.”  It is not too late to join a cohort.  This year’s cohorts will launch at the Extravaganza in Jacksonville, but even if you’re not able to attend there, we invite you to join.  The cohorts will actually meet for the first time following Extravaganza.

You can get more information at And if you’re ready to sign up to join a cohort, you can do so by filling out a Cohort application.




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