All New Network App Released!

The Extravaganza evaluation results from the 2018 event confirmed what we already suspected.  The Network’s mobile app, which had been pretty ‘cutting-edge’ when it was first released, wasn’t keeping up with our growing needs at the Extravaganza, or with new technologies.  Parts of it could be complicated to navigate, and we couldn’t include enough of the details, especially around workshops and learning.

So we made a commitment to seek out a new alternative.

And this week we are excited to launch a brand new app.  It’s not an update or a new version of the old, it’s a completely new app, built from the ground up as a tool for the Network to use at the Extravaganza, and throughout the year.  And it’s got a lot of horsepower.

Features of the new app include:

  • All the critical Extravaganza info, including
    • An event schedule
    • Workshop descriptions and schedule
    • A listing of exhibitors
    • A hotel map
    • Speaker and musician bios
    • Info on the theme
    • he ability to create a “custom schedule” that will list just the things that you want to participate in!
  • Up to the minute Network news, info and updates
  • An overall Network calendar for what we’re up to
  • A prayer request page, to either post a prayer request, or to read and pray for requests from your colleagues and friends
  • Info on the Discipling Cohorts Initiative, including online sign up
  • 3rdTuesday Conversation podcasts, accessible through the app
  • Recent issues of the Connect Journal
  • Network members can access to the MartinsList site through the app
  • The FaithLens Bible studies, accessible wherever you go
  • A complete roster of Network leadership
  • Links to Network social media sites
  • And a listing of Network partner organizations

Good technology will never replace good relationships.  But good technology can enhance them by creating new ways for people to connect.

1024px-Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge.svg  google-play-badge

Download the new app today using the links to the App Store or Google Play.  Or, you can access it on our web site.  It’s free!  And it will put the strength of our community, empowered by the gift of the Holy Spirit, right in your pocket.


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