Learn to Imagineer Your Ministry

Extravaganza 2023 participants will have an opportunity to learn how to stretch their thinking and tap into their imagination as they wonder about new directions for their ministry. One of the Intensive Care Courses being offered this year is “Imagination: The Curiosity Tour” and is being taught by former Disney Imagineer, C. McNair Wilson. 

C. McNair Wilson

This Intensive Care Course will be an interactive adventure into imagination-infused living and working. McNair has taught this material from Abu Dhabi to Disney World and Minneapolis to Manila. McNair writes that “everyone has a factory-installed creative spirit, used everyday as children. It is time to recapture your creative spirit.” 

McNair will teach the five habits we all share with the most “actively creative” people; demolish roadblocks to creativity and practice the “7 Agreements of Brainstorming” taught through Disney University where he served as a Disney lmagineer. It was a key tool designing seven new Disney theme parks. At Disney, McNair led the team that created the “Tower of Terror,” a haunted hotel with an elevator with a mind of its own, as well as worked a many other Disney projects. 

McNair at the Hollywood Tower Hotel

McNair has taught about using imagination to clients including Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Apple, NASA, Salvation Army, Sony, GM, and Chick-fil-A, as well as gatherings of medical, educational, engineering professionals, small nonprofits, and churches. He has presented at TED conferences. It’s time to let your curiosity get the best of you.

One of McNair’s books

As founder of the Assume Brilliance Group, Wilson offers a variety of presentations and workshops designed to re-ignite personal creativity. McNair trains individuals, corporate teams, ministry professionals and business leaders to communicate with focus, clarity and power.

Years ago, I participated in one of McNair’s courses and it changed the way I thought about how we plan, create and excite our volunteer leaders. I highly recommend this Intensive Care Course. 

Intensive Care Courses (ICC’s) are focused deep-dive courses that take place in the 36 hours prior to the start of Extravaganza. The courses include 12 contact hours of focused training from an expert in the field. This year, three different Intensive Care Courses are being taught. ICC’s are “add on” courses to Extravaganza registration. You can learn more about Intensive Care Courses at elcaymnet.org/ICC.

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