Network Membership Pricing Changes

Hello friends!

I hope your summer is off to a great start and that mixed in with VBS, mission trips, camp, campfires, worship and “all the things,” you also get a chance for some rest and re-creation. The last two+ years have been…something…and taking an opportunity to breathe and rest is a critical part of sustaining your ability to do the work God has called you to do. Take good care of yourself, please.

I wanted to give you a quick update on Network membership.

The Network Board decided in early spring on three changes for how we approach Network membership, effective July 1:

  1. We have created a new, basic (free) membership level. To access any Network resources, individuals will have to “join” the Network at this new level. We will ask resource users to provide their contact information to access any resource. The reason is simple: The Network has ‘given away’ many of our resources in the past, and we are glad to continue doing this. However, we then don’t have a mechanism to connect and contact people who are new to this ministry, those who might benefit most from the resources we provide.
  2. The Network is creating new “auto-renew” options for paid membership. We know that every year, a significant number of folks simply forget to renew until they try to access resources and are unable to do so. Besides being an administrative hassle, this also winds up affecting Network cash flow. Auto-renew takes away this issue. And, to encourage the use of auto-renew, we are going to create a discount for those who choose to use it. (See below.)
  3. The cost of Network paid membership will increase slightly. Our cost of membership has remained stable at $85 for over 10 years. With inflation, that means that every year, the Network can actually provide you slightly less. Our new price for standard membership will be $110. But, if someone chooses the auto-renew option, the membership cost is discounted to $95 per year. Other membership levels will also increase proportionally.
  4. We are creating a new “monthly” membership level at $10/month. We know from researching other similar organizations, that Network membership is a solid value for our members. But we also know that for many congregations, an annual cost of $95 or $110 might be an issue. Our hope is that this lower monthly cost might make membership approachable for more congregations. (Yes, for those who do math, we do know that the cost of this membership over a year is actually $120. The credit card charges to the Network are higher when transactions are processed monthly.) Note: To access the Network membership rate for the Extravaganza, registrants at this level will have to be a Network member for at least six months.

We work hard to maintain value for Network members. We know that the funds that you have to use are precious, and we do our best to steward them well. As Network members, you have access to:

* = Accessible with Network paid memberships

Plus, we are working now to develop a new set of webinars every year that are an extension of the Extravaganza and will be available to those with paid memberships.

We will be unrolling these changes to our membership structure on July 1. Of course, as always, if the cost is prohibitive, we have scholarship funds we can use to make your membership possible. Our goal is to have you in the community. Please contact me if you have need.

Thanks for understanding the need for these changes. We hope that this small increase will maintain the vibrance and sustainability of the Network and our ability for us to serve each other.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

God’s peace,


  1. Long time, dedicated fan. Trust that what is offered if excellent. To me, the monthly option is questionable, but I trust you have information that allows/supports the need.


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