Time to Take the 2021 Salary Survey

It’s time to begin putting together what for some individuals and congregations is the Network’s most helpful tool. We are asking everyone on our mailing list to please fill out the 2021 ELCA Youth Ministry Network Salary Survey.

The last survey was completed in 2018. normally we would do the survey every two years. However, we decided to skip the survey in 2020. We knew that because of the COVID pandemic, this year was so “out of whack” that the results would be skewed.

The Network’s goal is to help you in your ministry. The Salary Survey will do that. The survey looks at salary, benefits, vacation time and other employment elements. The survey also “slices and dices” the data by size of congregation, worship attendance, education level, years of experience, gender and other categories.

Please complete the survey on or before July 9, 2021.

Our plan is to release the results of the survey in mid to late August, in time for most congregations do their budget work for 2022. “Facts are our friends.” And the information you get from the survey will help you work with your congregation.

While in the past, we have made the results available only to member so the Network, in 2021 we will make the results open to any individual or congregation.

Please click here to take the 2021 Salary Survey

Thank you for taking the short amount of time to do this survey, and God’s blessings on your ministry!


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