Today We Launch “Discipling Cohorts Reimagined”

A brand new version of the Network’sDiscipling Cohorts” program has been created. The goal is to provide you with an opportunity to grow in your vocation, your faith and your ministry.

Discipling Cohorts was originally created as a small group cohort program. To be in a cohort was to make a one year commitment to being a part of a group, exploring your sense of call and working towards creating a plan for personal development. The original Discipling Cohorts initiative was funded by a generous grant from the ELCA’s Domestic Mission unit.

After the grant funding for Discipling Cohorts came to a conclusion, the team that worked so hard to create and run the program realized that the material that had been created was so well-received, that there had to be other ways that congregational faith formation specialists could use it.

So they “reimagined” the program and created an “Individual Reflection Guide” and a set of introductory videos, one for each session.

And the Network is making the whole Discipling Cohorts program available to anyone to use for free.

This video the team created introduces the new program:

While it’s intended to be used by you, individually or with a partner, there are lots of other ways the materials could be used with just a little tweaking:

  • A congregational small group, thinking about call and vocation
  • Young adults, wondering about their future
  • An outdoor ministry staff, using it as a part of their training
  • A group of elders, wondering about “what’s next” for them
  • A synodical training

There are so many different and creative ways to use Discipling Cohorts. And it is available for you to use. You can access more information and the actual materials by going to

We are very grateful to the team for all of their work creating these resources. The team includes:

  • Paul Amlin
  • Priscilla Austin
  • Andrew Buck
  • Peggy Hahn
  • Barbara Harner; Team Leader
  • Heather Hansen
  • Mark Jackson
  • Lisa Kramme
  • Julie Wilson

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