An All New, All Digital Connect Journal

Dear friends,

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The All-New Connect Journal

I hope that you and your family, friends and congregations are doing well.

The Network is making some important changes regarding the Connect Journal.  Effective today, we have moved the journal to a “digital only” format. You can find our new digital version of the journal by going are making this change to be better stewards of the Network’s finances and of God’s creation. Every time we publish an issue, approximately 75% of the cost is in printing and postage. Moving to an all-digital format will enable us to produce more content while saving significant money.

In addition, because we are making this change, the Connect Journal team has decided to make the journal available to anyone. No longer do you need to be a Network member to access this content. We believe this is a gift the Network can give to the broader church.

Though our delivery system has changed, the Connect Journal will continue to do what it’s always done:

  • Provide helpful resources for you in your ministry
  • Address relevant themes
  • Introduce new ideas and thinking about the future of our ministry

It is possible that at some point in the future, we may decide to return to a print format, or again limit the content to Network members. But for the time being, we believe this is the right direction to move.

So, go ahead. Take a look! Visit right now and take a look at the great and helpful content that you can find there.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel to contact me.

God’s peace, 


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