Extravaganza: Changing It Up!

The Extravaganza planning team is hard at work putting together the 2020 event in Anaheim, and there are some pretty amazing changes in the works for how we learn together.

The first task the team leaders took on when we met together in March was to read and give careful attention to the evaluations that were filled out after the 2019 event in Jacksonville.  There was a ton of really good feedback, and we’re thankful for the time and attention that was given.  39% of event attendees took the time to fill out the evaluation form, which is a phenomenal return rate.

One of the significant changes that came out of our evaluation feedback will be how workshops and learning time are handled.  While there will still be some traditional workshop slots (during early bird sessions, etc…) this year much of the standard workshop slots formatting is being replaced by a new “learning track” system.

Our goal is to go even deeper; to be even more helpful in your day-to-day ministry.

There will be four or five learning tracks that will run throughout the event.  Extravaganza participants will pre-register for their track when they register for the event.  Registration will open August 1.

Each track will be led by a primary teacher, an expert in the area that the track will delve into.  Our goal is that these leaders will take the group on a deep-dive into that area of ministry.  And then, the track teacher will also be one of our keynote speakers on the main stage as we gather together in community.  At each track time, there will still be the opportunity to break out into smaller groups for more focused learning within that track area.

Each track will focus on a “problem to be solved” or an area of ministry to be developed.  Our hope is that when you leave the E in Anaheim, you’ll have concrete, helpful concepts and an action plan for you to take back to your congregation and implement.

We’re excited for these changes.  The Extravaganza is always in a constant state of change, as we seek to find ways of doing ministry together in a world of constant change.

We hope you’re excited too!  Right now we are aiming for releasing the titles of the tracks on July 1.  Watch for more information!

Networked in Christ,


  1. I’m excited for these new changes! Sounds like a great way to really go deep into a special area of ministry. Cudo’s team!


  2. As an old retired guy who has been a participant of the Extravaganza since the very beginning(Las Vegas) and normally attends; I applaud this effort to go deeper into key areas of ministry. Personally, I have always been a fan of the “Intensives” that gave participants unique access to key leaders in various areas. This new concept seems to enhance these types of opportunities. Kudos! Blessings!


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