Loading Vans & Heading Out? Be Prepared

IMG_2368This summer, hundreds of our congregations, maybe even thousands, will load up planes, trains and automobiles and head out on summer trips.  Destinations will include Bible camps, work camps, mission trip sites, national parks, music festivals and more.  And almost all of us will remember to pack a trip first-aid kit prior to departing to deal with cuts, bruises, scrapes, bumps and the occasional more significant injuries.
But are you confident in how to use the kit?  Are you confident making a determination as to how to treat an injury?  I had a kid on a trip once with increasingly more serious abdominal pain.  We found ourselves in the position (with the consultation of the parents) of trying to decide how much pain to let her live with before we took her to an ER in the middle of the night.
The American Red Cross has developed a mobile app that will literally walk you through the initial responses to medical situations.
  • You click on “bleeding” and it tells you what to do, including a helpful video, right on your phone.
  • Someone gets a burn?  There are well laid-out instructions including a helpful video.
  • Concerned about heat stroke?  The app tells you what to do, including a (you guessed it) video.  At the bottom of each scenario are links to other related and helpful information.  Under heat stroke you can link to
    • What’s the difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke?
    • What are heat cramps?
    • How do you treat heat cramps?
    • How can I immerse someone in cold water if I’m not near a tub or pool?

Every one of us who work with young people and who take them on road trips should be certified in both CPR (including infant CPR if you work with the very young) and advanced first aid.  That is just common sense.  But sometimes, in the midst of a chaotic moment when someone is sick or injured, and we’re in the midst of managing a group, our minds can go blank.  Having this information literally in the palm of our hand can be a great resource for us, and can help mitigate injury and even save lives.

The app can even give you quizzes to help keep you up to date and fresh on your skills.

A best practice?  You should have this app on your phone.  I’d even recommend having all of your volunteer leaders download the app to their phone.  Go to where you download your apps and look for “Red Cross First Aid.”

It’s a great resource.

God’s peace!

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