Wheat Ridge Seeking Nominations for Award

WheatRidge LogoThe Network received this information from our friends and partners at Wheat Ridge:

Wheat Ridge Ministries Seeking Submissions for the Richard E. Herman Emerging Leader Award

Do you know someone making a difference in lives and communities affected by poverty? Someone who, motivated by Christ, is responding to the needs of a community and confronting the systems that perpetuate the underlying problems?

Wheat Ridge Ministries is looking for these inspired Christian leaders

to apply for the Richard E. Herman Emerging Leader Award.

The award will recognize the commitment and service of one leader who is changing the systems that perpetuate poverty, whether through their professional work or as a volunteer. This focus is driven by an understanding that Jesus’ life, ministry and teachings involved deep engagement with and love for those on the margins of society. 

In recognition of the honoree’s service, he or she will receive:

  • $4,000 Cash Award
  • Invitation to The Summit, an annual conference hosted by Sojourners (registration, travel, and lodging covered by Wheat Ridge Ministries)
  • Invitation to our annual Emerging Leader Convening, a gathering of inspired emerging leaders to network, learn and reflect (hosted and paid for by Wheat Ridge Ministries)

Award Eligibility:
Emerging Leader must be…

  • 18-35 years old
  • Christian
  • Engaged in professional work or volunteerism that is changing the systems that perpetuate poverty

If you fit this description, apply today via the Wheat Ridge website, www.wheatridge.org/emergingleader. If you know someone who qualifies, nominate them on our website and we’ll invite them to apply. The application deadline is May 20, 2016.

To learn more explore our website, or contact us at 1 800-762-6748 emergingleader@wheatridge.org

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