Extravaganza Demographics

We’ve already written and shared thoughts about the evaluation data from Extravaganza 2016, and the E-Team is working on processing that information for future planning.
We also ran some of the demographic data from registrations, some of which is pretty interesting.  (I’m kind of a data nerd this way)  So I thought I’d post it.  I’m not sure the implications, though I was curious about how out of balance the participants gender was.
Males:  33.2%
Females:  66.8%
Full Time:  63.5%
Part Time:  18%
Volunteers:  18.5%
People of Color:  11.2%
Your ministry portfolio and/or setting includes (please check all that apply):
Campus Ministry 48
Children’s Ministry 212
Christian Educator 150
Church Relations 54
Ethnic Multicultural 41
Higher Education 42
None 37
Outdoor Ministry 68
Pastor 80
Retired 8
Rural Ministry 29
Student 55
Synod Staff 38
Urban Ministry 60
  1. Just “wondering”… I don’t see Youth Ministry as a category one could check for ministry portfolio/setting?


    1. Right. We caught that this year as well. I think what happened is that back when we first started doing this, and the form was created, the (pretty accurate) assumption was that almost everyone coming to the event was doing youth ministry as that was the major focus. Not true anymore…it’s much more broad an audience. So we’re going to change that in the form for next year. We’ll add youth ministry, as well as some other categories that we’ve identified as “missing.”


  2. I’m not surprised. Children’s Ministry workers tend to be female. And, as expected, the demographics are slightly more diverse than the ELCA as a whole, but not much.

    Thought: It would be interesting to ask people to categorize their ministry. Is it “programmatic?” “Grassroots?” “Multigenerational?” “Relational?” Allow people to only pick one. I’m really interested in models of youth ministry these days…..it seems to me to be fairly one-dimensional…..and what type of leaders may be needed to expand models, if need be.


  3. […] Todd Buegler and the ELCA Youth Ministry Network Team dug in a bit to these “Extravaganza Demographics.” […]


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