The App is Back! (Again)

iphone5_large_NewEarlier this week, the Network’s app went back online and fully functional!  Whew…

Some of you have tracked the saga for the last six months.   But in a nutshell:

  • The company that we worked with to develop the app, iGivings, which focuses on mobile apps for congregations, went through an organizational crisis.  In short, there was a conflict between the company’s owners and the CEO that resulted in the removal of the CEO from his position.
  • The company owners wound up shutting down the app’s systems to protect the data within the app.  While this was a difficult decision for the company (it meant no revenue for them) their choice was to protect the data within the system.  We all appreciate this decision.
  • The new owners got control of the servers and the data back in September.  However, with an almost entirely new staff, the new software developers basically had to “backwards engineer” the app completely to get everything up and running.

Earlier this week, the app went live. We’ve been working to get the data all back up to date, and are glad that we’re back to 100%.

The company will continue their work, and they are working on developing a new version of the app hopefully in the first quarter of 2014, which should be cool.

So hey, if you haven’t been on the app for awhile (can’t blame you!) get back on it now!  It’s one of the primary ways we will connect and communicate upcoming stuff.  And if you have never downloaded it…go for it!  It’s great!  You can get info on it at

Most importantly is the prayer wall!  Post your prayer requests there…click the links to indicate that you’re praying.  It’s what we do as community!

Networked in Christ,

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