Regional Facilitator Selection Is On!

ELCAYMNet Mission Statement copyEvery year, 3 of the ELCA regions are up to select (or reappoint) their Regional Facilitator.  This year, Regions 1, 4 and 5 are due up to select their RF.  We have modified the selection process for RF’s this year as well.  Our new process isn’t powered by election, but by a matching of skill sets and gifts of the individual and the needs of the Regional Facilitator role.

A Regional Facilitator is a person who is passionate about the work of the Lord with people in the first third of life. In addition to their work with young people, they serve the ELCA Youth Ministry Network as a liaison between the Executive Director, the Network Board and its member/owners. They are also needed to answer questions about the Network, help to connect with folks in ministry in their area and to provide a listening ear. A full description of expectations can be found on our web site. This is a minimum of a three year commitment.

If the current Regional Facilitator is either not eligible or not interested in re-appointment, the new selection process will begin as outlined below:

  • Current RFs will assemble a Selection Team which includes representation from each synod of that region: i.e. Regional Team members, Synod Coaches, other strong and invested youth ministry workers, etc.
  • Online nominations open in September.
  • The Regional Selection Team will meet and review nominations and seek additional candidates as necessary, facilitated by the outgoing RF.
  • By December 1, the Regional Selection Team will make a recommendation for the position of RF so that the selected individual can make arrangements to fully participate in the Extravaganza.

If the currently serving RF is willing and eligible for a second term, the process is the same, except that the process will be facilitated by Amy Wagner, our Regional Facilitator Coach.

This year, in Region 1, Lisa Gray has chosen not to seek reappointment.  This is also true in Region 5, where Molly Haggerty Brewster has served.   In Region 4, Ian Hartfield is willing to serve another term.  We are grateful for the time and energy all 3 of these RF’s have given in the past 3 years.  They have done great ministry.

So you might be interested in serving as an RF.  Or, you might know someone who you think would be a good fit.  Here are some things to consider:

  • Does the role of RF fit within your skill set and the time you have available to commit?
  • Can you fulfill the role as RF for three years?
  • Can I devote time for: making connections with youth ministry people throughout your region, connecting with a leader in each of the synods in the region, exploring how else you can grow the Network, making monthly RF conference calls a priority, attending the Extravaganza (from our pre-meeting through our wrap up meeting), and regular check ins with the RF coach?
  • For RFs seeking re-appointment: consider how you can build on what you have accomplished throughout your previous term.

The Regional Facilitators meet face-to-face twice a year, at the Extravaganza and at a spring meeting in Chicago.  They also meet online an additional 5-6 times per year.

If you have questions about this process or about serving as a RF, please contact Amy Wagner, Regional Coach.


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