Musicians & Artists & Speakers, oh my!


Taylor Wilson

It’s a phone call that comes in fairly often:  “We’re planning a big event for our (fill in the blank…congregation…synod…conference…etc…) and we’re looking for a speaker and a musician.  We want a (fill in the blank:  (soloist…band…loud…acoustic…etc…).  Does the Network have a listing, or a directory, or a recommendation or anything that can help us?”

Well, we wish we could help folks, but we didn’t have a list like that.  It’s a great idea, but we just didn’t have it.

But Taylor Wilson (a very good musician, youth ministry guy, worship leader and now seminary student) took it upon himself to create it.  And it’s great!

We’ve linked to it on the Network’s web site under “Resources.”  It’s called “Lutheran Event Help.”  But you can also go there directly through

So next time I’m looking for someone, that’s where I’m going to go!  Please do the same.  And Thanks Taylor, for creating this!


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