Thanking Jacqui


Rev. Jacqui Thone

Years ago, when we were just getting the Network “up and running”, we realized the need for a regular, e-mail newsletter.  Something that could both communicate information, and inspire adults who work with young people in their ministry.

Who to put this all together?

It took approximately 3/10ths of a second to grab the phone and ask Jacqui Thone if she might be willing to take this on.

  • Jacqui had (once upon a time) been an editor at Augsburg Fortress
  • Jacqui was currently working in a congregation near the one I serve, so we’d become friends
  • Jacqui has a deep faith
  • Jacqui is an amazing writer

Jacqui said yes.

One of the first questions she asked is “I write a little devotional for my congregation, do you think it would be ok if I adapted it for the Network and printed it there too?”  “Umm, yeah, Jacqui.  I think that would be ok.”

Jacqui edited the newsletter for several years.  But when she gave that up, she said that she’d be willing to continue writing the devotional.  So for years…I honestly don’t remember how many…she has faithfully been inviting us to participate in her spiritual and vocational journey.

Speaking personally, Jacqui’s devotional thoughts have always struck a chord within me.  She has shared the joys of her experiences, as well as the sorrows and frustrations.  But always, her thoughts have been wrapped in the hope and promise of God who loves unconditionally.  Jacqui’s devotions have always seemed to come along at exactly the right time for me.

Jacqui recently let me know that she is finishing up her time as our devotional writer.  She said that “it feels like God is calling me out of that role.”  (Really, how are you going to argue with that one?)

As a Network, we are grateful for all Jacqui has done and for how she has been a companion in our spiritual renewal.  Thank you, Jacqui, for all that you’ve shared with us.  You’ll never know how many of us have been touched by your words, and God’s Holy Spirit working through you.



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