What’s Up With Our App?

Some of you may have noticed that the Network’s mobile app is having some issues. (I know this because you’ve e-mailed me)  It’s pretty disappointing because of the time and energy that went into developing the app, and the important role it has played in our communications strategy.  So what’s the problem?

The short answer is: when your app tries to connect to the servers at our host company, the servers aren’t responding.  That’s because they’re turned off.

Here’s the longer answer:  The company we are purchasing our app service from is in the midst of a significant internal conflict and lawsuit involving the former CEO and the owner.  If you’d like more information on the details, you can read the release from the company (and even copies of the legal filings) by going to http://www.igivings.com

Since the owner of the company could not guarantee the safety and security of the apps, and the data stored within the server, the decision was made to shut the servers down until the situation gets resolved.  We don’t know exactly how long that wil take.  There is a legal process in place right now and there is a hearing on May 25th.

We’ll hope that this gets resolved quickly and that the app is reactivated.  We’ll let you know as soon as that happens.  Thanks for your patience!



  1. I started attending a nearby Baptist church as the result of viewing it on the
    web and found the app for Covenant
    Reformed on my I phone!

    Being an old man I do not like conflict
    but I think you have a great idea!

    May God work out the problems on
    both sides!

    Your product idea is great!

    Blessings and prayers!

    Gerald Landis aka Jerry Landis

    If it were not for the Internet I would have not known there was another Bible fellowship within walking distance
    of my home since I not driving and my
    choices are limited!


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