Consider This Your ‘Ask’

Tiger Leading a Workshop

Tiger Leading a Workshop

I think there is sometimes some confusion about workshops at the Extravaganza.  Occasionally I hear stories about folks who think “I would really love to do a workshop at the Extravaganza…but no one has ever asked me to.”

I’m going to let you in on a little secret:  Pretty much no one gets asked.

Sure, some of the educators and trainers get asked to fill specific niches in which they have expertise.  But something like 80% of the workshop leaders are folks who have gifts, skills or experiences and who submit a workshop proposal.

So what can you do?  What has worked for you?  What have you been trained in that you can share?  Where are your areas of expertise?  The rest of the Network can benefit from you.

In the Network, we are working on creating a “wiki-like” culture, where people share willingly and freely of their expertise and gifts.  One of the things that distinguishes the Network from other events is that we learn from each other.  Ideas are formed…ministries are created, re-created and sometimes resurrected.  And through the shared vision, spirits are lifted.

So can you share?  Do you have something to give to the community?  We have a platform for you.  It’s the E.

Please consider sharing what you’ve got.  Consider this your “ask.”

Get more information on leading a workshop at E2014.


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