New Membership Options

join usThe Network is excited to introduce two new membership level options!  First, let’s be clear:  we are a membership based organization.   In other words, the bulk of the funds needed to do what we do come from the members.  We do receive some funds from our specific Network partners, but they tend to be designated towards specific projects (Extravaganza, Practice Discipleship Initiative, etc…).  Our “operational funds” come mostly from Network dues.  Our members are critical to both who we are as an organization, and what we do together…how we are church together.  And  we really believe that there is great value in being a member of the Network.  More on that another day.

For several years, folks have asked us about offering new options for membership.  We’ve had to wait until the technology on our web site has caught up to the need, in order to make this happen.  However, when we switched from our old service (Infusion) to our new service (Wild Apricot) in the past couple of months, a bunch of new options opened up for us.

I’m excited to announce two new options for membership.

First, a quick review:  The options that we have now for people to join the network include the following:

Full time student:  $35
Retired:  $35
Standard:  $85
Supporting:  $150
Sponsoring:  $200

The two new options will offer greater flexibility, ease and savings for individuals and congregations.  They are:

A 3 year membership
Join for a 3 year period, for a reduced rate.  Your total for 3 years is $205, which represents a $50 savings.

A Team Membership
Up to 6 individuals from your congregation can join at a significantly reduced rate.  The total cost is $300, which represents a $210 (42% savings!)  This is a great way to make the Network accessible to your volunteers, or if your congregation has a larger staff, to get more folks in at a lower cost.

And all of the same Network benefits apply to all of these membership levels.

When are these new membership levels available?  Today!  We hope this makes the Network even more accessible to even more people!

Beginning today, these new options will be listed with the other memberships when one joins or renews.  Or, if you’d like to change or upgrade your membership level, you can go to the site, log in, and click on “view profile” in the top right-hand side of the screen.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

Networked in Christ,

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