There are not words…

Extravaganza 2013 is in the history books!  

E13 Day 1 Katie-91And, it was a great event.  We’re in the process of collecting the evaluation forms now, and we’ll take a lot of time going through them.  But overall, the immediate feedback we have received has been very positive, and we’re happy for how it all went.

The Extravaganza is put on by a team of amazing, dedicated and talented individuals, who form an amazingly effective team to plan and carry out the event.  One interesting piece of trivia:  The E team didn’t meet face to face this year.  Not at all.  All their planning was done by phone…by email and by online meeting.  Before the event the team spends countless hours working the details, listening, planning and thinking about how to best carry out the ministry of the Extravaganza.  At the event, they work 18+hours a day to make the event happen.

There are quite simply, not words adequate to describe their dedication, nor my gratitude to them for doing this.  All I can say is “Thanks be to God.”

The E-Team is (in no particular order):

  • Charlie Roberts
  • Debbie Clipson
  • Dawn Trautman
  • Desta Goehner
  • Eric Carlson
  • Hal Weldin
  • Kare Hairell
  • Kevin Dragseth
  • Laurie Hoium
  • Michael Sladek
  • Scott Maxwell-Doherty
  • Shannon Savage-Howie
  • Tim Huff
  • Tom Hoegel
  • Manuel Retamoza

And then there are a ton of other folks who serve as E-Volunteers, including Paul Clark, Andy Moscinski, Andy Arnold, the crew from Lutheran Retreats, camps and conferences of Southern California as well as others who helped out with various things.  There are not words to describe our gratitude for your time and energy.

And then there are all of our partners, exhibitors and vendors.  You came to share what you do with the community.  You are a blessing to our community.

And then there is Scott.  Scott Maxwell Doherty directs the Extravaganza, and does so with a unique blend of creativity, confidence, leadership and grace.  Where do I get my continuing education at the E?  It’s largely by walking around and watching Scott do his work.  He is a leader of leaders.  Scott, there are not words…

And to all who came to participate, to be a part of the event, to renew, to learn, to network, thank you.  Thank you for your trust in coming to this event.  Thank you for putting up your continuing education funds…your staff development funds, or in many cases, your own money.  Thank you for the work and ministry you do, and for being willing to “open source share” that with the rest of the community.  There are not words to describe our gratitude for how God is working within your ministry.

There are not words adequate to describe God’s grace, as it was lived out in Anaheim.  And so we just say “Thanks be to God…and thanks be to all of you.”

In peace,


  1. Thanks, also, to Todd for his tireless work and unending energy for this incredibly important work on behalf of those involved in youth and young adult ministries. Our church is blessed by your leadership, Todd!


  2. Congratulations and Thank You to the entire E team for all of your work and effort to make this event a reality. We are all blessed by and indebted to you.


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