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Hyatt Exterior_350

The Hyatt – Orange County

It’s a great problem!  But it’s still a little bit of a problem.  We’re approaching “crunch-zone” for housing at the Hyatt in Anaheim for the Extravaganza.  I’m hearing from some folks in the last day or two who are having difficulty booking rooms at the hotel.

When we sign a contract with the hotel, they give us a certain number of rooms for each night, and we guarantee the hotel a certain number of rooms sold.  The hotel gives us a certain number of rooms with a king bed, and a certain number with 2 double beds.

We still haven’t gone over our number of rooms available for each night.  However, some folks are having trouble because of requesting a certain kind of room.  (For example, you might be planning on staying 5 nights.  However if you request a room with a king bed, and there are no king beds available for one of those 5 nights, then the reservation won’t work.)

Normally,  if we hear about these glitches, we can call the hotel and they can adjust our inventory for us with no problem.

The folks we work with at the hotel are “off” through Christmas, and so we will be on the phone with them on Wednesday the 26th to see what we need to adjust.  In the meantime, if you’re having trouble booking a room, please be patient.  We’ll get it all figured out next week or for certain, right after New Year’s.

Advent blessings!


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