3TC Archive Moves to YouTube

Hey there!

The Network’s YouTube Channel

So we learned something new this week!  The word “Archive” doesn’t always mean “archive.”

We’ve built up a pretty cool history of 3rdTuesday Conversations in the last 2.5 years.  There are great resources waiting for folks to to tap into.  Our list of 3TC guests includes:

  • Shawn Small on storytelling
  • Janelle Miller, Tom Gustafson and Larry Wagner on the ELCA Youth Gathering
  • David Miller on spirituality
  • Erik Ullestad and Jake Bouma on developing your own curriculum
  • Mike Ward on fundraising
  • Alexia Salvatierra on stepping into the world of justice ministry
  • Michael Sladek on design
  • Mark Schoepp on wellness
  • Bishop Mark Hanson on the church and young people
  • Karen Stevenson on teaching about sexuality
  • Heidi Hagstrom on the Youth Gathering
  • Mark Jackson and Dr. Dave Ellingson on service learning
  • Mark Matlock on doing ministry with parents
  • Celia Whitler on ministry with women and girls
  • Enuma Okoro on Christian spirituality
  • Dr. Rollie Martinson on updates from the Examplar Youth Ministry Study
  • Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean on the National Study on Youth and Religion (audio only)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Marquardt on doing ministry with families in the midst of divorce (audio only)
  • Mark Yaconelli on practicing spirituality with young people (audio only)
  • Dr. David Anderson on ministry in the home (audio only)
  • Dr. Andy Root on “The Promise of Despair” (audio only)

This week I received a Facebook message from someone who was trying to access one of the 3TC webinars from 13 months ago and wasn’t able to get at the recording.  So I tried.  Same problem.

In the fine print, we discovered that the archive for our webinar system only holds onto the videos for a year.  Anything over a year gets deleted.  Memo to self:  look at the fine print.

However, all of the webinar files are backed up, and we are in the process of transferring the webinars that are over a year old to the Network’s YouTube channel.  The ones within a year will still be archived on the webinar system.

There are some great resources here.  I hope you get a chance to listen or watch.  They’re each about 30 minutes long and include both presentation and discussion.

To access these resources, please go to the 3rdTuesday Conversation web page and then click on “archive”.  The webinars that are within a year will require you to sign up with your name and email address.  Those older than a year are just available.  Click on the links for each webinar, and you can watch it.  Or, you can visit the Network’s YouTube channel and see what we’ve got there.

Thanks for using these resources!  We hope that they strengthen your ministry.


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