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Please allow me to introduce Shannon Savage-Howie.

Shannon, in a thoughtful moment

Shannon is the youth minister at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Thousand Oaks, California.  She is awesome.  She has served on the Extravaganza planning team in the last few years.  Most importantly she is married to Robert, and is the mother of Declan, and housemate of Boomer, a really big dog.I’m excited to make this introduction because Shannon is taking on a new role for the Network.  Shannon is becoming our Resource Coordinator.

This means that Shannon is going to become the primary manager/facilitator for the Network’s MartinsList project, a web site for sharing of resources between peers and colleagues.  Shannon will be working to promote MartinsList, both in terms of seeking submissions of resources, and letting folks know “what is out there” and available to them.

MartinsList contains member-generated resources that are broken down into categories including sr high, jr high, children, outdoor ministries, and much, much more.  Our goal is to create a culture of sharing which will strengthen our ministry together.  We all have resources we have worked to create.  MartinsList is a great place to share them, and Shannon will do a great job managing that site.

In addition, Shannon will become a “go-to” person if people have resource-related questions, and will be working to network and build relationships with the ELCA’s regional resource centers as well as other resource web sites and providers.

Shannon has a passion for resource development, and for helping people get their hands on and make good use of resources that will help strengthen their ministry.

We’re really glad to welcome Shannon to this important role.  If you’d like to contact her, you can reach her at


  1. Thanks for the intro, Todd. And welcome to the new role Shannon. As director of Select Learning, and an ELCA Resource Center Director from the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin, I welcome your interest in connecting with us. We actually have an association called ALRC. Association of Lutheran Resource Center directors. This is certainly a group you’ll want to connect with. I look forward to more conversation.


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