Have you ever had an experience where something you were deeply invested in went really, really well, and it’s all said and done, and everything is boxed up and put away, and you sit back and sigh and you realize “hey, that was really cool…it feels really good to have been a part of that.”  (apologies for the run-on sentence)

Welcome to my world.

Extravaganza 2012 is in the books.  And while it’s not the only thing the Network does, not by a long shot, there is no question that it is the biggest thing that the Network does.

And this year, it was great.

  • Are there things that didn’t work quite the way we had hoped?  Yes.
  • Are there things that we could have done differently?  Undoubtedly.

That’s where you come in.  We will depend…absolutely depend…on your evaluation forms.  And I promise that as a team we will read each one of them.  If you haven’t filled yours out yet, you can do so online anytime between now and March 10.

But even knowing that there is constructive criticism floating around out there doesn’t diminish that wonderfully satisfied feeling that we get when we’ve been a part of something where the Holy Spirit showed up and did her thing.

So this week, I’ve been living in the afterglow of a great event.

And there are thanks to be made.

  • First, to God for an amazing 4 days.
  • Second, to all of you who trusted that this event would be a good way to spend your time and (scarce) continuing education dollars.  I don’t care how good a program you have…if no one is there, your program tanks.  Over 650 of you were there.  It was amazing.
  • Third, to the event leadership who continues to knock my socks off.  There is no exaggeration when I say that I love these people

    The E-Team

    and working with them.  They are thoroughbreds.  They take their area/task/program and run with it.  They are creative and thorough.  They care about what they do.  And they do their work as volunteers, and with an amazing amount of passion.  They include:  Scott Maxwell-Doherty, Manuel Retamoza, Kristen Baltrum, Dawn Trautman, Shannon Savage-Howie, Charlie Roberts, Kevin Dragseth, Michael Sladek, Tim Huff, Laurie Hoium, Kara Clark, Debbie Clipson, Desta Goehner, Tom Hoegel, Paul Clark, Paul Schmidt, Nicole Fielder, Scott Fielder, Chris Larson, Andy “Mo” Moscinski, and a ton of other volunteers who took on different tasks during the event.  You are all absolutely amazing people

My hope?  You are all, E-team, E-volunteers, participants, etc., basking in the afterglow.  We experienced Christ’s church together.

Soli deo Gloria!

  1. Thank YOU, Todd, for your awesome leadership! Its an honor to do this work alongside you and everyone else. Afterglow for sure!


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