Meet Laurie Hoium

There are people within the Network that you will interact with from time-to-time.  These folks have different roles that hopefully

Laurie Hoium

provide support and assistance to you, certainly in your relationship with the Network; hopefully also in your ministry.  I thought it might be helpful for you to (at least virtually) “meet” these folks so you know with whom you are interacting.

Laurie Hoium is the Network’s Database Manager and Registrar.  She is awesome.  Laurie and her husband Bruce live in Moorhead,  They have 2 grown children.

Minnesota.  Laurie is responsible for maintaining the Network’s membership records, recording new and renewing memberships, and handling the Extravaganza registration process.  She is the friendly voice who answer the Network’s toll-free phone line (866-EXTRAVA) and the face that will likely greet you at “check in” for the Extravaganza in New Orleans.

ELCA Emblem in Chicago

Laurie has years of experience working at congregations in the Moorhead area in children’s and youth ministry.  She has a deep passion for faith formation for young people.

In addition, Laurie and Bruce are both artists.  Laurie’s medium is tile-mosaics.  The artwork she produces are beautiful.  Bruce does amazing wood carving.

Laurie designed and created the giant mosaic ELCA emblem that is found in the lobby of the Lutheran Center in Chicago, where the ELCA offices are located.

Laurie and Bruce have a website,, where their work is featured and available.  Laurie can be reached at

Laurie has played a significant role with the Network since its early days and we are grateful to her for the ways she shares her gifts with our community.

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