Mackenzie Grondahl is completing her work as the editor of the Network’s bi-weekly e-mail newsletter, effective after the next issue. We are very, very grateful to her for all the time and energy that she has given to children, youth and family ministers through the Network.  Her important role will be picked up by Andy Moscinski, a youth minister in the Appleton, Wisconsin area.

A Network like ours, (read: highly dispersed membership and low-budget) is completely dependent on electronic communications to be able to connect with its membership and to make resources known.

Mackenzie has done a fantastic job handling our e-news, which is really the bread and butter of our communication strategy.  She has been able to handle materials from a variety of sources, manage individuals who don’t have the spiritual gift of timeliness (I’m checking the mirror here) and has done a great job going out and finding content from other sources that is really appropriate to our Network.  She has helped shape the e-news from a vehicle for announcements into a resource.  We’re all very grateful to her, and to God.


Andy “Mo” Moscinski is a youth minister at First English Lutheran Church in Appleton, Wisconsin.  He’s married to Whitney and is a graduate of Wartburg Seminary.  He has been a long-time member and participant in the Network and helps to facilitate networking throughout his region and community.

Andy will be able to be reached at enews@elcaymnet.org.

We are grateful to God for Mackenzie and all that she brings to the Network, and to Andy and his willingness to play this important role in our community!


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